Chinese Acupuncture at The Marlow Clinic

Could acupuncture really help me, and what’s it all about? A question often asked. In fact over the past 20 years, unlike many so called alternative remedies, acupuncture has now become widely accepted by the medical profession as a valid complementary treatment to Western medicine, but few people are really aware that it dates back over 3,000 years and has always been a core part of traditional Chinese medicine.

I’ve practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine for about 25 years, although you never finish studying – I still return regularly to my professors in Beijing to update on new techniques. Most of my patients have lower back, shoulder and neck pain, weight and fertility issues, migraine, stress or circulatory problems related to diabetes, gout or arthritis. I also have patients who suffer from Parkinson’s or autism or are recovering from strokes – and of course these have longer treatment cycles but I deliver a better quality of life to them.

Life is a balance – we Chinese call it Ying and Yang – if a body is out of balance then this affects its ability to perform properly. Acupuncture helps remedy this and really can deliver life-changing results.

Dr Lucy Liu

Dr Lucy offers specialist treatment for conditions such as:

Dr Lucy Liu in the Press

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“Around the world people are now benefitting from this ancient form of oriental medical treatment.”

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